Dry, cracked earth in eastern Montana.

The drive took well over nine hours. We had to stop to fill up on supplies and food before reaching our destination. By the time the Tundra was finally parked for the night, it was late and the sun had set hours ago. To our delight, the night was clear, so we set up our cots under the stars and shut our eyes in anticipation for a morning filled with mule deer…and possibly some elk.


The gorgeous weather held through the night and allowed us to glass right from our cots as the sun rose…talk about luxury! Muleys were soon spotted. Complete with an arsenal of optics, our Weatherby rifles, and Mystery Ranch packs Andrew and I set off to begin our seven hour day of hunting. As the day led us over dry cracked earth and scattered timber we spotted over 150 deer and five bull elk. The deer we saw were average size…no big bucks to tempt us for a stalk.

We’re headed west to meet up with an old friend and stay at his cabin for the night. We’ll venture on from there in the morning in hopes of harvesting two cow elk to fill my dad’s tags. We plan on hunting this new area for the next few days. There are some rugged drainages and areas inaccessible by road I’m hoping to explore. I’m imagining them as ideal spots for smart, old mule deer bucks to find cover. Let’s hope that holds true.