A stark reminder of a tag we will hopefully draw someday... the coveted Montana Breaks Rocky Mountain Bighorn tag. Someday!!!.

After some long drives and lots of time spent looking at maps we’re finally in position (with plenty of elk spotted) to have a really good chance at scoring on a couple cows tomorrow morning. We’re hunting BLM lands here in Montana and armed with our GPS and a BLM map we’re scouring the countryside!!! We spoke with a Montana Fish and Game warden this evening who helped us to pinpoint an access that would put us right on top of a pile of elk! We scouted out the area this evening and found over 300 elk spread between five different herds. From on butte this evening we glassed 30 different branch antlered bulls, biggest being in the 340″ class… wow what a glassing point! We also found a great mule deer buck that was on a section of private ground we couldn’t access, but it was great to see a buck like that living in the area.
We’re pretty excited, after sending this off I’ll be busy eating dinner and sharpening my knives for tomorrow. This is a great hunt, with great people. Andrew and I are here firstly to help our father with his elk hunt… he drew two separate cow elk tags and with all the trips he’s helped us on… it’s time for some payback. We’re looking at maybe a two mile walk to where the elk are tomorrow… if Dad shoots two elk, Andrew and I will be packing meat all day long!!!

Wish us luck!

Live from Eastern Montana