Welcome to Live Hunt 2010

Welcome to Outdoor Life’s 2010 Live Hunt! It’s going to be a great season! We’ve got a ton of exciting … Continued

Welcome to Outdoor Life’s 2010 Live Hunt!

It’s going to be a great season! We’ve got a ton of exciting hunts planned for this year!

Also new for 2010 is the new Live Hunt webpage here on Outdoor Life. A High Definition video viewer, updated and easier to navigate photo galleries, a question answer area, a Live Hunt map, and a daily Calendar will make this years Live Hunt much more interactive and easy to follow!

We’ve also also fortunate to have a outstanding set of sponsors signed up this year. Joining us again as the headline sponsor is Gore Optifade Concealment. We’ve also lined up Explorer Satellite Communications, Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Bowtech Archery, Remington Rifles, Leica Sport Optics, Danner Boots, Umpqua Indian Foods, Sitka Gear, Hilleberg Tents, and Energizer Batteries! Tag along and watch how we put their gear to the test for 120 days straight.

Blogs, photo galleries, and videos will be updated weekly to keep you right in the action of all my 2010 adventures.

We’ve put a ton of work into finding great hunts for this season, we hit the show circuit hard this year and have found a couple great outfitters to work with as well. A Dall Sheep hunt with Harold Grinde from Gana River Outfitters and a Bison hunt with Dean, Katie, and Dustin Roe of MVP Outfitters are on the books! Other than those two hunts, everything will be the same style/format as last year… public land, do-it-yourself hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetails are also scheduled! As always, hunts will be conducted using Fair Chase practices and NO FOOTAGE will be recreated or staged.

My goal is to bring everyone along and show them what’s possible, hunts EVERYONE can do, with just a little planning and effort.

Talk about a schedule…! We’ll start our hunting season on August 15th and take you right through the end of my season on December 15th!

Here’s the list of hunts for 2010:

August 15th – August 31st
North West Territories Dall Sheep/Caribou with bowhunter Tom Foss and Gana River Outfitters.

September 1st – 21st
Archery Elk hunting in Montana. From the plains to the wilderness, Mark will spend three weeks in search of his 2010 Montana Elk with a bow.

September 22nd – 27th
Scouting for Utah Elk Muzzleloader Hunt

September 28th – October 7th
Utah Elk Muzzleloader Hunt

October 9th – October 12th
Montana Rifle Antelope Hunt with Sitka CEO Kevin Sloan.

October 23rd
Montana Rifle Season Begins and depending on tags Mark still hasn’t filled with his bow… he’ll be out hitting the hills with his rifle.

November 1st – 30th
Archery Whitetail Hunts in Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, Illinois, and Iowa with Whitetail hunter and Sitka Athlete Jeff Simpson.

November 20th – 28th
Montana Rifle Elk and Deer Hunts with Optifade Concealment Co-Inventor David Dillon from W.L. Gore and Associates.

December 8th – 15th
British Columbia Bison Hunt with Dean, Katie, and Dustin Roe of MVP Outfitters.

So come along for the ride and join us for another exciting season of Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt.