Through our Live Hunt program we promised to bring you the most exclusive up-to-date coverage of western hunting ever offered by an outdoor publication. And only one day into his Dall sheep/caribou hunt in the Northwest Territories, Live Hunt host Mark Seacat is already delivering on that promise.

This afternoon at the Outdoor Life office we got a cryptic satellite phone call from Mark. At first, all we could gather was that he had killed something really, really big.

We weren’t sure if it was a sheep or a caribou, but we did hear something about it being a potential record book animal.

At that point the whole office was abuzz waiting for more information and photos. It’s 90 degrees here in Manhattan and it’s no secret that right now all of us editors are living vicariously through Mark.

Then we got another call from Mark, this time the reception was better. Here’s the short synopsis: Mark and his hunting party were glassing for Dall sheep when they spotted a big caribou. Mark stalked within range, waited for a good shot and then dropped the bull with his bow. He estimates that it has a good chance of making the Pope and Young record book.

UPDATE: Read Seacat’s story and see his photos here.

As you read this, he’s hiking back to his base camp to send us photos and hammer out a story. We’ll post them both as soon as we get them. For the rest of his time in the Northwest Territories Mark will tag along as his hunting partner tries to bag a Dall sheep.

If the rest of Mark’s Live Hunt season is as good as his first day, it will be a heckuva ride. We hope you follow along and check back tomorrow for photos and the full story of Mark’s hunt.