My lists are made, the packing still needs to be done, but the important part … dialing in my muzzleloader is finished. Utah here I come!

Katie and I are headed down tomorrow to begin scouting within the unit. I’m stoked! It’s going to be a full camp of great people. My father and “godfather” John Armstrong will be back for another Utah elk hunting adventure. Last year they tended camp during my brother-in-law’s successful archery elk hunt in the Monroe, this time we’ll be hunting during muzzleloader season in the Manti Unit.

Also joining the team for the hunt is my good friend and renowned hunter Jeff Simpson, who’ll be filming the entire hunt. I’ll be posting daily updates directly to the blog with help from the folks at Outdoor Life in NYC, so please log on to follow along with the action. They grow the bulls up big in Utah and this is my chance for an absolute monster bull elk.

Wish me luck!