We had a fantastic evening last night. We were able to get in close on the “big sounding” bull from the previous evening, and he turned out to be a good six point in the 330-inch range. We then drove back to where we’d driven the Rokon during the day and parked the Tundra and settled in for another night of luxury truck camping.

The alarm blared early and with our instant coffee, msr reactor stove and Leica optics we made the two-minute walk down to the glassing lookout. What a gorgeous morning. We were quickly able to spot a bunch of different elk, including six different six-point bulls. One bull in particular really got me excited and it turned out he was really close to where we’d been scouting the evening before. You never know where these things are going to turn up. It was a long way off, but this bull was really wide with long tines, which is the combination every elk hunter is looking for.

Bulls were pushing cows hard, the rut is definitely in full swing, and I’m sure this is going to be a great hunt. Right now we’re stealing wifi from inside a McDonalds in Ephraim. Instead of bugles, the background noise in here is from all the little kids enjoying their morning buzz on the two-story high playground. I could have used one of these when I was a kid, but instead I’ll wear myself out in the mountains outside of town.

Our plan now is to check out some more country we’ve gotten leads on. Our first spot is great, but now we need to find some more elk, because you never know when you might need some more bulls to stalk.