It’s finally here! My favorite time of the year … it’s September and archery hunting in Montana for elk. Neither the elk nor the weather decided to cooperate for my first adventure this season. We showed up to our area to scout a few days prior to the season and found a few great bulls. One bull is probably in the 370-inch to 380-inch range. He’s a candidate for my 2010 MT Elk Tag for sure.


I also found a 350-inch bull that I couldn’t find come opening morning, but will no doubt have another chance to locate and hunt. The big bull was in an area full of hunters, lots of people running around the hills for opening weekend and Labor day, so I decided to bet on the fact that he’s obviously eluded hunters for at least six years and I should give him some space in the high country for the first few days (I’m headed out tomorrow night to see if I can spot him again).

We spent a ton of time getting acquainted with this new country. Lots of time spent with the GPS getting a feel for the area we’ll be hunting for the next couple weeks. I took the time to waypoint wallows, bedding areas, travel corridors and water sources. I’ll be headed back with a google earth map image with all of my findings that will live in my pocket for quick access. All I need now is a ton of luck, some patience and a cold snap to get the rut kicked off. We found a few smaller bulls while hunting the first three days, but nothing yet that I’d harvest. The high country here in Montana got hit with the first snowfall of September so this should really help get the elk fired up. Fall doesn’t officially start for me until I hear the first elk bugle.

Stay tuned here for more adventures. I’ll be posting an update in the next couple days with my findings. I’m headed up high in search of Mr. Big, and hopefully the pressure from the opener didn’t send him too far from the basin I spotted him in.

Good luck to everyone out there!