We’re set up in style right now with a great camp. Heavy heavy loads made for slow going today, but the reward is in the awesome food and plush camp. Les, Chris and I will be going after a bull we spotted last night first thing in the morning. We’re not far from his location and hopefully he’s not the only elk around.

We just finished dinner, I made a phone call to check in at home with Katie and now I’m nestled into my sleeping bag typing out this blog. It’s pretty good living if you ask me!

The colors of the changing seasons are evident everywhere we look. This country is mostly pine forest, but the undergrowth is on fire right now full of yellows, oranges, reds and the still green late bloomers. It’s just spectacular up here right now.

We’ve been treated to an unbelievable night … stars are everywhere and shooting stars are happening every couple minutes, most of which are headed in the direction of where we’re headed tomorrow. I’m not superstitious, but I’m not going to turn down any form of good luck on this hunt. The hardest part of this trip will start once we get a bull down. If we end up with three we’re going to have to call some friends in Bozeman for backup. Andrew Crow and Chris Awe, prepare yourselves for the call.

We’re getting after them tomorrow!