With no luck in Missouri, Mark heads to Kansas to try to help his buddy, Jeff Simpson, shoot a giant 185-inch buck. Here’s his on-stand report via text message.

(Sent 7:30 p.m.) Well … maybe next year. We’ll keep following Jeff on his mission to harvest this great buck in Kansas!

(Sent 3:58 p.m.) Deer are starting to feed back out. It’s been a long sit and I’ve been drifting off lately. Hopefully Jeff’s buck shows up!

(Sent 9:34 a.m.) The last 10 minutes have been killer. We passed up a 130 eight pointer and a 140 ten pointer in the last 10 minutes. A 160 ten was out of range. We also checked the trail camera photos and the big fella has been out during the day!

(Sent 8 a.m.) We just watched two eights lockup in front of our stand … stay tuned for updates, we’ll be out here all day!

(Sent 4:30 a.m.) No buck for me in Missouri, but we’re headed to Kansas this morning to hunt a 185-inch monster that Jeff has been chasing.