Mark Seacat is reporting on-stand during his whitetail hunt in Missouri. Mark’s known as a backcountry hunter, but for this trip he’s posted up in a tree stand. Here’s his report via text message (the latest message is posted first):

Update (Sent 6:00 p.m.) I just had an encounter with the buck on the right at 28 yards broadside. But the shot was obstructed by branches. Even so, it was an awesome first day in the deer stand!

Sent (1:40 p.m.) Slow so far on morning one. I’m definitely NOT used to this style of hunting. I’m setup over a standing bean field and the temp was 50 degrees walking in this morning.

I just got down and checked our Reconyx trailcams … our best buck so far is 160 inches. Hopefully we’ll be on him tonight.

It’s 70 degrees right now and we just hung another couple stands. We’re headed back to the same spot we hunted this morning and will keep you all posted.

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