It’s been another couple great days spent in some gorgeous country. We’ve had some great opportunities on some smoker mule deer bucks, but as of tonight, I haven’t loosed an arrow. Our hunting party has had some success though!

Yesterday, my good friend Jeff Simpson harvest a great old 3×3 buck with one shot at 15 yards. We’d set up one of my Double Bull ground blinds over some second growth alfalfa in the middle of a round bail field. Each day we’ve been getting more and more deer showing up. Jeff had 50 deer in front of him when he harvested his buck … and we were headed there today!

After a great morning of seeing some really good deer (one buck would gross around 180″) we settled into the blind around 12:30. The deer kept coming and over the course of the entire evening we had 75 deer in front of us. As you’ll see from the photos, they were some really good bucks, and I probably could have harvested any of them, but not they’re not quite the caliber deer I’m looking for, especially knowing there’s some monsters here.

Our outfitter, Clayton Miller, has spotted a 190-inch buck running in the country I’m hunting today, and I’ve got unlimited patience. If I don’t harvest a buck, then no big deal, at least I’ll go home knowing I gave it my all after some really big bucks!

I can’t get over this country… it’s fantastic.

Two more full hunting days left, and a big storm coming tonight…