The sun has officially set on my 2010 hunting season. What a ride it has been. I finished the last two days hunting with Clayton Miller in South Dakota and saw a ton of deer.

Unfortunately, none of the biggest bucks we were seeing would cooperate and I had a couple blown stalks on some really solid deer. The biggest buck that was spotted while I was with Miller Mathews Outfitters was over 190″… just an absolute stud. The opportunity for the archery hunter looking for a bruiser buck is amazing … I’ll definitely be back someday to chase them again with Clayton.

With a full freezer of elk/antelope meat, I wasn’t stressed to fill my tag in South Dakota, just happy to get the chance to enjoy some country I’d yet to explore with some friends, new and old, and chase big muleys.

Clayton and I put on some serious miles in the truck yesterday searching high and low for a buck in a good stalk-able position but we couldn’t make it happen. I’d grown tired of sitting in the ground blind … “waiting” for bucks to come to me. As luck would have it, one of Clayton’s guides checked out the area where the blind had been last night … 20 deer and a couple “really nice” bucks were right there! Such is hunting.

Thanks for following my 2010 season.


Mark Seacat