My 2011 Live Hunt spring turkey season is all “tagged out”, but it was a wild ride for sure! When you’re trying to fit 3 states, 5 turkey tags, and a full time job into a 3 weekend time period, it can be a real adventure to say the least.

We faced some nasty conditions, including “Forest Gump” rain in Colorado, blizzard like conditions on the drive to Kansas and 80-degree temps in Nebraska. But in the end … we got it done!

With a schedule like this I always use a run and gun “throw all tactics” at them approach. In the mornings and evenings we would hunt them out of Ameristep blinds, but when the weather got hot and blind hunting was not an option, we got the optics out and started glassing for turkeys that were in a killable positions. Then we’d pick our avenue of approach for a stalk.

Another tactic that works great when the winds pick up is hitting the creek bottoms. I have found that turkeys will always “bed up” in creek/river bottoms to get out of the wind. This is great for spot and stalk action because the wind will be covering whatever noise you make while closing the distance. I take a box call, skirt the bottoms and hope to locate a bird that is in a reachable position.


Throughout the season I was able to pull off a kill in just about every way possible; 2 out of a ground blind, 1 bedded in the creek bottom because of high winds and my final bird (my largest of the year), was taken at 1:00 PM with a 300-yard stalk and a 32-yard head shot. I would like to say there was never a dull moment, but hunting is called hunting for a reason and we did have several hours in the blind without a bird coming within 120 yards of us.

It’s been a great spring and I have been blessed with great friends to share it with! Now it’s time to get geared up for scouting season … it’s going to be a hell of a year!

Click here for photos of my 2011 turkey season.