Unguided sheep hunting can be one of the most mentally and physically demanding hunts in North America. There’s a select few of us who thrive on the challenge and head into the mountains year after year. This season we wasted no time. As soon as the bush plane dropped us off — the day before the season opened — we packed in twelve miles before setting up camp.

That afternoon we set up behind the glass. For hours we scanned the mountaintops and ridgelines for those tell-tale spots of white. The work was rewarded when a heavy ram appeared about a mile and a half straight above our camp. He had one broken horn, a trait that I’d been looking for. I have killed rams with perfect horn tips, and rams with both horns broken, but never one with one intact horn and one broken. It didn’t take too long before I decided that he was the one. My partner Tim and I left camp at about 9:00 p.m. to put a stalk on the ram as the fog was rolling in. When the clocked ticked passed midnight, he was in my sights.

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