I often wonder what the shelf life is for a mountain hunter. Will I be able to keep up this crazy life until I’m 50? Or perhaps if I stay in shape and take care of myself I will make it till 60.

This also brings up the important question of: will the thrill of the hunt ever get old? And will I have that unbelievable feeling that seems to occur every time September rolls around? Well, it’s impossible to tell, but I hope that I make it as long as my friend Bill Gowdy.

Gowdy, 66, drew a nanny only mountain goat tag in one of my favorite units, so when he asked me if I could give him a hand, I was more than willing to help him achieve his life long goal of shooting a Colorado mountain goat. Oh yea, on this hunt Gowdy also plans on using a Sharps carbine that has been handed down through his family for the last 150 years! So to say that Bill has more drive and determination than most 25-year-old kids that you find in today’s society would be an understatement.

So on Oct 3rd Bill’s adventure will begin, heading into the Colorado Rockies with a Sharps carbine in hand in hopes of tagging out on his life-long dream.