With my Kodiak Island mountain goat and blacktail deer hunt less than a week away, I’m getting all my bags packed and equipment checked for another hunt of a lifetime.

Goat populations are exploding on Kodiak Island. For years they were draw only, but recently it was opened to any Alaskan resident willing to make the trip. Well, my buddy and I are willing, and are going to try to do it with recurve bows. This requires a few extra steps when dialing in the gear – namely fletching arrows and sharpening broadheads.

My dad is big time into traditional archery, and he’s found that 2 bladed broadheads generally penetrate better than 3 blades when using a helical fletching pattern. He taught me how to bevel the edges of commercial broadheads so that they actually spin as they cut. In the video above I’ll walk you through the process. All it takes is a bench grinder and few free minutes.

Do any of you guys modify your arrows or points for specific hunts, shooting conditions or bows? I’m always curious what other hunters are up to.