Usually when you head into the mountains just about everything that can go wrong will go wrong. But sometimes just the opposite happens. The stars align and everything goes your way. This was the case on my latest mountain goat hunt with my good friend Adam Tangsrud and his dad Steve Tangsrud.

Adam and his dad lucked out by drawing goat tags for the same season in the same unit and they were kind enough to let me tag along with the video camera. Two days before opening day we hiked into the mountains to scout and found plenty of shooter goats. So on opening day we headed in two miles to our hunting spot. That might not sound like a far trek, but we weren’t exactly strolling through a park. As you’ll see in the video, mountain goats live in wickedly steep country. Some of the areas we had to traverse were downright dangerous. They are truly incredible animals for being able to survive in such a habitat.

It wasn’t long before we spotted a goat for Adam. While it wasn’t difficult finding the goat, getting to him was a totally different story. We had a 3,000-yard stalk up and over a 13,000 foot peak (here’s a post on how to stalk mountain goats). Adam made two good shots and tagged his first goat. This was also his first archery kill.

Hours later in the same basin we crawled within rifle range of Steve’s goat. With one 300-yard shot Steve and Adam doubled on two beautiful goats in one day. It was a father/son moment that I’ll never forget.