With winter starting to creep into the air, my dad and I took off on a late season archery moose hunt here in interior Alaska. We took our jet boat into an area with little hunting pressure for the primetime rut. Then things got slow. We spent several days calling up and down the river with little results. Then toward the end of the trip, chopping firewood one morning, we saw a moose.

The little rut-crazed bull came nearly all the way into our camp, responding to the sound of the ax on wood. After thinking we would lose him, my dad made a phenomenal heart shot with his recurve. The Zwickey broadhead (sharpened like I demonstrated in an earlier video) cut through a rib, and made a perfect heart shot. There was zero deformation and the broadhead is sharp enough to shoot again.

Things started out slow, but we ended up with a freezer full of meat and another great trip with my dad. For the full story, check out the gallery I posted last week. Hope you enjoy the video. Around the 3:00 mark you’ll see the little guy marching toward our camp. Pretty fantastic sight, even by Alaska standards.