Halibut are generally associated with either overpriced dinner plates, Dramamine-drugged days on choppy seas, or arm burning battles. You get the latter two here in Alaska, where halibut fishing is relatively accessible. Whether at $50 a plate, or a tank full of gas, halibut is without question one of the finest eating sea fish there is. Its flaky white meat is one of the most sought after in Alaska. If you’re fortunate enough to find some of this fresh delicacy, don’t bother with the fancy cook books, here’s a surefire way to prepare it that will give you thanksgiving food coma flashbacks.

My favorite way to prepare halibut is to grill it. Since halibut is very flaky, it is hard to just throw steaks on the grill without them completely coming apart. The solution: bacon.

After all, bacon makes everything better, so why not with halibut? There isn’t really any secret here. Just cut the halibut meat into manageable chunks, then wrap a strip of bacon around the fish and stick it onto a skewer. As in the video, sometimes I like to alternate it with other meat like blacktail venison, or the occasional vegetable. Sometimes I’ll season the halibut with Old Bay or lime juice.

The only other step is to put the skewers on the grill. I try to make sure the bacon covered edge is on the grill so that the halibut will not flake. Depending on your grilling style, time will vary, but I cook them until the bacon is cooked. The halibut will be rigid, flakey, and full of bacon juice.