When taking to the mountains, there’s certainly no shortage of gear to bring. Before every trip I go through a checklist in my head, covering everything from socks to stove to game bags. Now there’s one more item I won’t leave home without.

I had a “revelation” during last year’s sheep hunt when my hunting partners Steve and Gary both brought foam glassing pads to sit on during the hunt. I don’t know why it had never occurred to me before, but as I sat there with a wet butt, they were nice and comfortable.

It’s a pretty simple principle: You sit on rocks and tundra, you get a cold butt. I decided to remedy that this year and make my own pad. I’m a pipe insulator by trade, so I found a couple old pieces of foam insulation and just glued them together. It’s quite a bit thicker than most pads you can buy, weighs practically nothing, and is very inexpensive. The insulation not only keeps you dry and off sharp rocks, but it also helps warm your butt during long hours of sitting and glassing.