One of the hallmarks of a good shot is the ability to see the bullet’s impact on the target. It requires solid fundamentals to keep the rifle from hopping away during recoil. The trick to this, as Jacob Bynum from Rifles Only shows in the video, is to get square behind the rifle before triggering the shot.

A key part of this is to not have any part of your body (or the environment) putting pressure on the rifle that isn’t exactly in line with the barrel. You can test this out yourself at the range.

Position yourself as you normally would on the bench. Give yourself a firm cheek weld on the stock before shooting. Do this and you’ll notice that the rifle will jump to the left if you’re a right-handed shooter or to the right if you’re a lefty. The reason is that the rifle is recoiling away from the pressure of your cheek, pushing the butt stock away from your face and rotating the rifle.

But if you can get right behind the rifle and apply about 5 to 10 pounds of firm pressure from your trigger hand directly back into your shoulder the rifle will recoil in a straight line and you will maintain your sight picture and shoot tighter groups.