Nothing prevents wear and tear on your feet when hunting big country like good optics. A quality binocular with 10X magnification (like the Bushnell I’ve got in this video) hits an excellent sweet spot because they aren’t too heavy to haul around yet they can pick apart detail at impressive distances and aren’t too fatiguing to use.

Higher power binos in 12X and 15X configurations can work in this role too, but unless you have some way to brace them on a tripod or some other rest, the tremors you get while holding them up will tire your eyes. At the other end, 8X binos are very comfortable to use and transport, but they don’t necessarily have the horsepower to see the detail you want.

Picking apart the landscape with binos to locate animals and then switching to either a spotting scope or your riflescope is a smart way to zero in on deer and other big game. This video shows you how.