Hunting with a crossbow can be a challenge. Even the lightest, most compact bows are far from manuverable. But there are a handful of new products on the market that will help you shoot straighter and hunt smarter. Check out our round up of the best new crossbow gear of the year.

Primos Trigger Stick


A solid prop when putting the crosshairs on a big game animal is critical to a well-executed shot. The Trigger Stick adjusts for length (33″ to 65″) with the pull of a trigger offering a rock-solid shooting rest. ($82.95;

Game Plan Gear CrossOver Crossbow Pack**


Managing your gear is critical to your success. The multi-function pack can carry gear comfortably over unruly terrain. The CrossOver wraps around the tree trunk for a comfortable back rest. ($109.99;

Ten Point CUB


Made from PolyLactic Acid (PLA), this single-used Biodegradable Unloading Bolt provides a cost effective way to unload your crossbow in the field without having to chance ruining a perfectly good arrow. At about one-sixth the cost of a crossbow arrow, this biodegradable bolt minimizes environmental impact by naturally decomposing in the same way as fallen leaves. Available in a 6-pack, this innovative snap-together design occupies about the same space as two side-by-side ball-point pens. ($8;

HHA Optimizer


Arguably the single-most significant advancement in crossbow aiming systems in a decade. The adjustable mount is sighted-in for 20- and 80-yards. Select the correct distance tapes and the sight is accurate to one-yard increments in between. ($199;

Rinehart RhinoBrute


Productive practice sessions mean time shooting, not chasing arrows. The RhinoBrute offers the best crossbow backstop available. Rinehart’s unique self-healing foam absorbs thousands of shots without a whimper. ($199.99;