Blind Hunting with a Crossbow

For some in the hunting ranks, climbing a tree is no longer an option. But before you decide to plunk yourself down on the ground next to a big oak tree, consider using a ground blind this season. Here’s why:

1. Safety
Ground blinds have several distinct advantages over elevated treestands. You can’t fall from the floor.

2. Speed
Ground blinds are very easy to set up. In fact, it takes a matter of seconds to pop open a ground blind.

3. Concealment
While not as obtrusive to shoot as the compound, crossbows do require a considerable amount of movement to ready for the shot. Being totally enclosed cloaks these movements from the prying eyes of deer.

4. Versatility
Grounds blinds allow the crossbow hunter to make adjustments in their hunt strategies real-time. When patterning animals, you can pick up from one location and move quickly to another with little fuss or impact.

5. Comfort
Sitting in a downpour, snowstorm or frigid conditions in a treestand can be miserable fun. Groundblinds shield you from rain, flurries and are quite comfortable when temperatures plummet. This added comfort allows hunters to stay in the field longer, improving their chances of targeting a trophy.

CC image from Flickr.