It’s common for tranquilizers or other types of sedation to be used in hospitals. Seldom, however, is such a drug administered using a dart gun inside a medical facility.

Such was the case about 7:30 Friday morning when a black bear accidentally triggered an automatic door opener and entered a clinic near Presbyterian Hospital in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Todd Sandman, director of public relations for Presbyterian Health Care Services said the bruin startled a few early patients and clinic personnel in the waiting room before it sauntered to a side hall and into a bathroom, where it was confined until representatives from the New Mexico Game and Fish Department could be summoned.Blackbear

Game and Fish officer Darrell Cole said the 125-pound male estimated to be two- to three-years-old was darted without incident and subsequently transported and released in the nearby Manzano Mountains.

Cole said it was actually good that the bear was safely confined when the tranquilizer was administered.

“We were able to dart him and easily move him out of harm’s way,” Cole told the Las Cruces Sun-News. “If it had been outside, he could have run off and got hit by a car.”

Besides, the conservation officer said, there’s nothing unusual about going into a hospital clinic for a shot.

“I guess if you’re going to be darted with tranquilizer you might as well get it done in a hospital.”