A Vernon, New Jersey mother of three returned home from a soccer game Monday evening to discover a mystery intruder had visited her kitchen during her absence.

The window above the mud-covered sink remained wide open, and water sprayed wildly from a broken hose attachment. In addition, a plate that had earlier contained cupcakes for her youngsters was nearly empty, as was a nearby jar containing candy.

Then she spotted the bear.Bear2_2

When the cupcake-thieving bruin showed itself in the open kitchen window, only a few feet away from Christi Leggour, the soccer mom screamed and ran back outside to the garage, where she instructed her children to remain safely in the car. They waited there until neighbors arrived to chase the bruin away from the house.

“I’m still in shock,” Leggour later told the New Jersey Herald newspaper. “Even now, if I close my eyes, I see that big, fat bear.”

Evidently the first taste of candy and cupcakes wasn’t enough for the sweet-toothed black bear, as it returned later that night, destroying a screen door on the front porch.

“He was coming back for more,” Leggour surmised after the critter’s second visit around 1:30 a.m. “I guess he thought the cupcakes were yummy.”

While the entire ordeal proved quite exhilarating, Abriella Leggour, 9, was more concerned over the loss of the cupcakes.

“I wish he would have ate the vegetables,” she said.