Yep, we hunters love our camouflage. From Mossy Oak to Realtree/Advantage and everything in between, we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Or, can we?Tire1

I’ll admit I’ve got just about as many camo-adorned items as the next hunter (unless, of course, that next hunter is Mike Hanback). In addition to all the shirts, pants, caps, boots, packs and other gear, I’m the proud owner of a Mossy Oak recliner. Heck, my roadside rural mailbox sports a Hardwoods vinyl overlay.

But I’ll wager a fiver that even Hanback would be amused with Goodyear’s new ATV replacement tire, the Rawhide Camo.

That’s right, a camouflage ATV tire.

According to its press material, to produce the pattern, “Goodyear’s engineers developed a proprietary process that molds a three-color paint veneer into the tire during the curing stage. Once the tire has cooled, the appearance is dramatic. Together with the natural black of the rubber compound, the resulting four-color pattern blends subtly into natural backgrounds. Tire2

Under normal riding conditions, the high areas of the tread will wear down over time to the black rubber, yet the sidewall–which is most visible in profile–remain essentially unchanged. Which makes the camo the perfect complement to the growing number of camouflage body designs offered by the leading ATV manufacturers.”

You be the judge. The top photo depicts the new Rawhide Camo tire developed using the (gasp) “proprietary process.” I snapped the bottom photo of the left rear tire on my Yamaha Rhino this morning.

I ask you–which tire is a more “perfect complement” to a camo ATV?