A Mountain Ranch, Calif. woman was in her mobile home’s bathroom last week when she heard some awful-sounding animal noises erupting in the living room. As she carefully peeked around the door, she was horrified to see her pet kitty in the process of becoming the main course for a full-grown mountain lion.Cougar

Calaveras County Fish and Game warden Alan Gregory said the lion evidently entered the trailer after it broke through a screened window some six feet above the ground shortly before 7:00 a.m. Sunday.

“We assume it went out the same way,” Gregory said.

Authorities said the unnamed woman hid in the bathroom until she was certain the intruder had vacated the premises, then she high-tailed it to the safety of a neighboring house and phoned 911.

When wildlife officers arrived at the trailer, it was evident which cat was the diner and which was dinner.

“There were cat parts everywhere in that house,” Gregory told the Sonora Union-Democrat. “(The cougar) did a number.”

Wildlife authorities successfully trapped and euthanized the offending feline two days later in the home’s carport.

Their bait? Leftover housecat, naturally.