From the Outdoor News Hound’s “Life Imitates Art” department comes this tale with an uncanny similarity to James Dickey’s 1970 novel, Deliverance.

According to an Associated Press report, an 86-year-old, bib-overalled fisherman was arrested after he allegedly shot one of two bass tournament anglers on Georgia’s Oconee River Saturday.Deliv03

Authorities in Greene County said John Burke Yearwood of Madison allegedly shot a rifle three times at the men’s boat, apparently because he believed they were interfering with his own fishing lines. One of the anglers sustained a minor wound when a single small caliber bullet hit his arm.

Sheriff Chris Houston told the AP that Yearwood has fished the same area for many years.

The octogenarian was charged with aggravated assault.

We can only assume, for this 2007 version, the anglers were in a bass boat rather than a canoe. (Key the banjo music, please.)