A great photograph courtesy of Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged Holsters, located in Wasilla, Alaska. (Click image for larger version.)Eagle_eyed

_JR: We were fishing with a group of friends in Seldovia, Alaska (last week). This is at the city dock cleaning station. The fish carcasses draw seagulls, crows, eagles, river and sea otters and at least one sneaky little mink. We were feeding the birds the skin off the fish as we cleaned them. This drew large crowds of birds and the pecking order was quite clear: the biggest toughest eagle was first–all others as they could get in.

Seldovia is a small fishing town 18 miles across Kachemak Bay from Homer, on the Kenai Peninsula. We launch our boats from Homer and stay in Seldovia for fishing, clamming, playing in the tide pools and bear hunting. Great family fun! — Rob Leahy
Thanks for permission to use this great shot on The Outdoor News Hound blog, Rob. It leaves little doubt what species is perched atop the feathered food chain, at least in Alaska.