It’s all over for an elusive, freezer-raiding black bear in Western Montana.

Last week, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks agents euthanized the troublesome, 300-pound bruin with a propensity for opening freezers and vehicle doors.Black_bear_adult

You might say the door was closed on the critter’s weeks of raids and hijinks—literally.

The Missoulian newspaper reports the bear dodged numerous traps placed by FWP authorities after residents in the Grant Creek area complained about its burglarizing ways, as well as its affinity for candy bars, frozen foods and garbage.

The bear’s antics ended abruptly one night last week after it opened the door of a parked pickup truck and climbed inside, in search of goodies. The door swung shut, trapping it for several hours before the owner of the truck awoke to the sound of his blaring horn.

In the interim, the bear proceeded to wreak havoc on the truck’s interior.

“(The bear) pretty much destroyed the inside of a brand new truck,” warden captain Jeff Darrah told The Missoulian.

To put it as nicely as possible, the bear did what bears are normally known for doing in the woods, all over the interior of the Chevy crew cab.