A North Carolina angler gave a whole new meaning to the term “fighting rod” last week when he used his fishing gear to subdue a would-be robber who threatened him with a knife.

The Gaston Police Department blotter reports that an unnamed man and his young son were fishing at a city pond when the perpetrator, described as a black male with neat hair and wearing blue, brandished a knife and demanded the twosome “give me what you got.”Catswhiskerorange

When the father requested the n’er-do-well be a little more specific in his request (as he slowly reeled in his fishing line), the bad guy demanded money and valuables, according to the Roanoke Daily Herald.

While understanding the age-old concept characterizing a general lapse in good judgment for bringing knife to a gunfight, the wise father equally grasped the basic geometric disparity between a four-inch blade and a six-foot fishing rod.

So, dad simply proceeded to beat the bejesus out of the bad guy using the business end of his fishing rod, including the lure, which hooked deeply into the unfortunate thug’s hide.

Gaston police said a man fitting the description of the alleged assailant was seen fleeing the scene, with a bright orange jig still embedded in his arm.