While tracking weird and wild stories about the outdoors, I occasionally unearth reports about anglers who reel in noteworthy catches of the non-fish variety. Some that come to mind are snagged packages containing contraband like marijuana and other drugs, as well as firearms that have been dumped in the drink by bad guys.

Then there’s the rather common hooking and retrieval of fishing gear and tackle boxes that other anglers have unfortunately lost overboard.

At a recent fishing gear show held in Alabama, nearly 2,500 attendees responded to a survey called Hook, Line & Sinker conducted by Houston-based Pennzoil Marine. As part of the questionnaire, anglers were asked to detail some of their more unusual catches.

Answers ranged from the strange to the macabre.

For example, four anglers reported hooking human corpses.

Other catches included false teeth, drums, lawn chairs, shopping carts, a refrigerator door and a ladder. Owls

Apart from the inanimate objects, responding fishermen also reported their share of critters other than fish. Survey answers ranged from water-dwellers like frogs, snakes, turtles, eels and alligators to a bobcat, beaver, a peacock, pelican and owls.

“We have always heard that anglers can tell the best fish tales,” Peter Bukaty, Pennzoil brand manager, told the Houston Chronicle. “What really caught me off guard was the variety of things people are catching.”

How about our Outdoor News Hound blog readers? What are some of your wildest catches?