In what appears (at least to me) to be one of the biggest knee-jerk reactions regarding chronic wasting disease prevention to date, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources has announced the province will prohibit the use of deer scents that contain bodily fluids beginning with the 2007 deer hunting season.Deerbuck9

In other words, don’t get caught with any contraband deer pee, or it’ll be hell to pay in Halifax.

Their reason for the ban, as closely as I can determine, stems from the fact that CWD has been discovered in a handful of deer-farming operations—outfits similar to those that commercially produce deer urine-based scents in the U.S.

Never mind that the jury is still out on how CWD moves from deer to deer–though a study conducted by researchers at Colorado State University last year points to blood and saliva (not urine) as carriers of the proteins that cause the spread of CWD among deer and other ungulates.

It seems to me this is a classic case of someone creating a regulation without having a clue about how it will be enforced by those dedicated, hard-working officers who must interact with hunters on a daily basis. Ever heard of a field test kit for deer pee? Me neither.