Let’s face it, some dogs just find ways to get into trouble. Take Pepper, a Lab/German shorthair mix from Wisconsin that ate $800 in cash out of an unattended purse the other day.

Fortunately—for Pepper’s sake—nearly $700 was recovered and pieced back together, albeit a bit smelly and slimy after its natural progression through a doggy digestive tract.Pepper_2

Debbie Hulleman left the eight-year-old dog with her grandmother while she went on vacation, specifically warning grandma about the pup’s propensity to gobble things up.

“She’s eaten lipstick, so lipstick gets all over the carpet, ball point pens all over the carpet, toothpaste, shampoo,” Hulleman told Gannett News Service. “She’ll eat a whole box of Kleenex if she can get it.”

Well, an unfortunate visitor to granny’s house learned about Pepper’s proclivity the hard way, after she left her purse—full of cash—on the ground within the dog’s reach.

Some currency pieces were found strewn around the house, but they had to wait to search the backyard until the munched money passed from Pepper’s fore to Pepper’s aft, so to speak.

“(I) came to a pile that had a fifty dollar bill hanging out, part of a fifty, and I said ‘gosh, look at that!’” Hulleman said. “There were lots of piles with money hanging out there, so I had to save it, rinse it, strain it.”

The poop patrol and rectal recovery went exceptionally well, all things considered.

Only one-half of a $100 bill remains missing.

And Pepper? Well she’s not talking.