Perceiving the open doors of a Canadian video rental business as an invitation to come inside, a young male deer managed to clear the aisles of terrified customers while wrecking a good portion of the store’s interior.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the buck entered the West Vancouver store last Saturday afternoon, and the chaos began almost immediately. Vancouver

“Everybody in the store started screaming and tried to get out,” said Michelle Pawluck, who works at Starbucks next door. “(It) started bashing its head against the window trying to get out. It was kind of freaky. It was in the middle of the day and it shook up a lot of people.”

The scene reminded West Vancouver Police Cpl. Fred Harding of a tried-and-true metaphor.

“(It was) exactly like a bull in a china shop,” he astutely observed.

One brave (but not exactly wise) customer tackled the animal, covered its eyes with cloth and kept it pinned until authorities arrived. Thirty minutes after entering the building, the terrorizing buck was herded out the door.

In the aftermath, the floor contained more DVDs and videos than the shelves, and the place looked like an explosion had taken place.

“Everything was knocked down…the place was obliterated,” Harding said.

And even though the weather has remained especially hot since last week’s excitement, Roger’s Video has been keeping its doors firmly closed—as have all the other businesses in the area.