An online survey conducted recently by Southwick Associates, a research firm specializing in economic issues relating to hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation, indicates that near-record high fuel prices might adversely impact the number of days hunters and anglers spend outdoors in coming months.Gaspump

A poll of 2,481 sportsmen and women conducted on the and Web sites in June, 2007 found more than half of all anglers and 40 percent of hunters admitting that rising gas prices will likely cause them to reduce their outdoor activities or reduce their travel distance and boat use.

Further, 35.5 percent of anglers and 41.6 of hunters said that high gas prices would have no effect on their hunting and fishing activities.

“We’ve seen in past research that rising gasoline prices depress fishing license sales in many areas, but the recent increases in fuel prices are unprecedented,” said Southwick Associates’ Rob Southwick. “Many anglers and hunters gradually accept higher prices and they will return and participate as they have before. However, until the effects of higher fuel prices can be moderated via higher efficiency engines and other solutions, we may loose some hunters and anglers completely.”

What about our News Hound faithful? Are you cutting back on travel this year due to the high cost of fuel?