Michael Foor has fished Michigan’s Grand River for the better part of two decades, so when he felt the weight on his line one evening last week, he could tell it was something big.

The Plainfield resident was fishing near a bridge in Grand Rapids when he boated the first part of his unusual catch.

A windshield wiper.Omni

Later that evening, with the aid of divers from the Grand Rapids Police Department and a truck with a powerful winch, the remainder of Foor’s catch was eventually hauled ashore.

Even though he chose not to officially weigh or measure his catch, Foor was confident that the sludge-covered, burned-out 1989 Dodge Omni will rank up there as the biggest thing he’s ever hooked.

We predict that Foor’s unpretentious comments, appearing in the Grand Rapids Press, will not soon be forgotten by the News Hound faithful.

“I’ve caught a lot of stuff in this river,” he said, “but I ain’t never caught a car.”

Well, now you have, Mr. Foor. Now you have.