Is there no end to the crazy bear stories this summer? As a result of the devastating forest fires earlier this year affecting the Lake Tahoe area and other parts of Nevada, residents there are experiencing historic levels of bruin problems.Uprightbear

In fact, the Nevada Department of Wildlife is telling residents not to bother reporting simple bear sightings any more, because their agency is inundated with calls.

“Seeing a bear tipping over garbage cans and drinking out of a horse tank is not an imminent threat,” staff biologist Carl Lackey told the Nevada Appeal. “I simply cannot respond to these lower priority calls. In fact, do not even call us if it is simply an issue of bears and trash. Be responsible and use bear-resistant containers and the bear will disappear.”

This week a woman who lives in the Kingsbury Grade area of Stateline, NV who awoke to sounds in her kitchen and surmised her husband was having a midnight snack discovered a very large bear standing at her refrigerator door, holding a carton of orange juice in its paws.

“I couldn’t believe how big he was,” said Shinil Quilty. “He stood there and looked at me like he didn’t care.”

When she located her husband, Brian, Mrs. Quilty explained there was a bear in their kitchen, and it was raiding their icebox.

Thanks to the incessant yipping generated by the Quilty’s Jack Russell terrier and toothless old Yorkie, the bear finally decided to leave and slowly lumbered out of the house.