Whether you do most of your reading while seated in the smallest room of your home or you need a book for your next airline flight, be sure to put The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting, a just-released work from former Outdoor Life senior editor Frank Miniter, on your list of must-buys.Miniterbook

As the newest release in the Politically Incorrect Guide series from Regnery Publishing, Miniter’s book is loaded with great facts and data to back up any pro-hunting debate and to bury any contrary anti-hunting argument.

During Frank’s many years as a hunting and shooting writer (he’s now executive editor for the NRA’s American Hunter), he has meticulously retained clippings and files that he uses as examples about why hunting is vital and important to the overall scheme of nature and the environment.

Some of the chapters include “Why Bear Attacks Are Increasing,” “Why Florida Has Killer Gators,” and “How Hunting Is Good For Kids.”

John Snow, current Outdoor Life executive editor, posted his review of Miniter’s book on the Web site yesterday.

“The author has done an impressive amount of research that demonstrates the contribution that hunters have made to saving wildlife and how the commonly-held beliefs about hunting–particularly those presented in mainstream media–are flat-out wrong,” Snow writes.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting is a well-designed book, with interesting pullout highlights and factoids, debunking anti-hunting myths and dispelling common media spin.

It’s a good bet that after you read this book you’ll think of someone else who should read it, too, but for totally different reasons.