I’ll just bet I’m not alone in my opinion that Browning’s “Show Us Your Buckmark,” advertising campaign is one of the most creative and enjoyable series of ads going these days.Shannon238

Like many of you, I can’t get enough of hunting and shooting sports magazines. I digest them, reading each from cover to cover. Because of my work, I’m perhaps a tad more critical of editorial and advertising content, but I think I have a pretty fair grasp of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to magazines.

These days, I find myself looking forward to the next in Browning’s series with each new magazine I receive. There’ve been tattoos, treestands, guitars, chrome motorcycle insignias, and on and on.

Ad execs and corporate folks may know if the ads really sell any more Browning gear, but, if nothing else, I’ve got to believe the campaign establishes a strong brand identification—and incredible product loyalty. Tattoos last forever, don’t you know?

And now that the ads have been around for several years, it appears the entire “Show Us Your Buckmark” campaign has become self-sustaining—to the extent that Browning’s Web site now runs a contest for those who want to share their unique utilization of the company’s logo with the world.Ben231

So the next time you want to blow 15 or 20 minutes on the Internet doing something totally non-educational, I suggest you visit Browning’s “Show Us Your Buckmark” Contest.

It’s guaranteed to make you chuckle more than once, and who knows; maybe it will inspire you to make your own mark on the shooting world!