Here comes the bride, all dressed in camoooo…

We’re not sure, but at least that’s what we think the words to the Wedding March might have sounded like last week when Brook Davis married her longtime sweetheart, Jason Michael, in a ceremony taking place in Delray, West Virginia.Mossymarriage

The two have been inseparable since they were youngsters, so their marriage was really no surprise to their many friends and family members who attended the ceremony.

However, Brook’s choice for a wedding gown caught most folks off guard when she entered the church last Saturday. And no one was more surprised than her soon-to-be husband.

That’s because her dress design reflected her love of hunting and the outdoors, something that she shares with Jason and his family.

“I had the gown made out of the new Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage material,” Brook proudly told the local newspaper, The Hampshire Review.

The ceremony began with a slide show that included “hero shots” of Brook, Jason and their family members posed with numerous hunting trophies taken in recent years. To the strains of the song, “Born Country,” ushers wearing khaki suits with camo trim escorted family members to pews located in front of the church.

Then, when the organist began playing the familiar Wedding March, the camo-clad Brook started down the aisle, stepping confidently in her hunting boots, her face covered by a Mossy Oak veil, which, in reality, was matching Break-Up face netting.

So, was her husband surprised?

“It blew me away,” Jason said. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I was waiting to see her dressed in white.”

The new Mrs. Michael, who told the newspaper she started hunting groundhogs at age 3, said she holds specific standards for a lifetime mate.

“I wouldn’t want to marry him if he weren’t a hunter,” she said.

My good friend Mike Sawyers, the outdoors editor for the Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News, who alerted me to the story, said he only has one pressing question.

Does Brook have any sisters?