In a judgment equally unprecedented and ludicrous, a Colorado district judge yesterday ruled that a convicted game law violator be required to donate $500 to a radical animal rights organization as part of his sentence.

Craig Miller, 44, of Little Canada, Minn., pleaded guilty before District Judge Chuck Buss in Aspen Monday to killing a black bear out of season, wanton waste of game meat, and illegal use of bait. As part of his plea agreement, prosecutors dropped a felony charge of willful destruction of big-game wildlife.

Buss sentenced Miller to two years of unsupervised probation, loss of hunting privileges for five years, and fines of $5,300.

Then, the judge added a zinger to Miller’s sentence.

In what today’s Aspen Times refers to as “an unusual requirement,” Judge Buss ruled that Miller donate $500 to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in lieu of community service.Peta

“Unusual requirement??” Hell, it’s quite possibly the most absurd judgment ever handed down in a court case involving a poaching violation.

To offer the radical, publicity-seeking nutjobs at PETA an ounce of legitimacy as part of a wildlife-related court ruling is downright insane!

Somebody needs to collar the honorable Judge Buss and take him to school about the difference between wildlife conservation and radical animal rights’ agendas.

We’re all for slapping despicable game law violators with the appropriate punitive action, but this is ridiculous.

There goes my blood pressure. I haven’t been able to settle down since reading the report this morning.

I’m interested to hear what the Newshound faithful think about this one.