Dan Siudut, a trapper from Brentwood, New Hampshire, has captured hundreds of nuisance animals as a licensed wildlife control business proprietor, but even the experienced critter-catcher was in awe when he nabbed a beaver built like an NFL linebacker last week.

In fact, he caught a pair of enormous tree-chewing dam-builders with a combined weight of 153 pounds![Beaver](

In responding to a call to remove beavers that kept chewing through a woman’s electric fence around a backyard pond, Siudut used submerged, conibear-type traps to catch 93-pound and 60-pound buck-toothed mammals.

That’s right–93 pounds!

We can only imagine the two of them swimming together caused a wake like a river barge. (Photo by Eric Parry, North Andover Eagle-Tribune)

The trapper didn’t know offhand if he’d caught a record animal approaching the 100-pound mark, but he knew it was one humongous Castor Canadensis.

“It’s just obnoxious how funny and huge this thing is,” Siudut told reporter Eric Parry, writing for the North Andover (Mass.) Eagle-Tribune. “I didn’t even charge the woman for these because they’re so big.”

The professional trapper said he normally charges $50 for his services, sometimes more for coyote and fox.

The New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game doesn’t keep statistics on such things, but retired biologist Eric Orff didn’t know of a larger beaver caught in the Granite State.

“That’s far bigger than anything I’ve ever heard of,” said Orff, who headed the agency’s hunting and trapping department for 30 years before stepping down in June.

A quick Web search revealed that the average beaver weight is 35-45 pounds, though 60 pounds “is not uncommon.”

A beaver trapped in Wyoming in 1938 is considered the largest caught in North America. It weighed 115 pounds.

Doubtless, Siudut can be credited with catching one bruiser of a beaver.