In a tale with an ironic twist that we appreciate here at the Outdoor Newshound, a black Lab is being credited with saving the life of man whose house burned to the ground this week–in a blaze apparently sparked by a cat.

That’s right, the dog was a hero, and the cat; a scoundrel.

The story leaves little doubt why dogs are man’s best friend and cats are not. (As if there was ever any question, really.)

If it hadn’t been for the quick actions of Thumper, Richard Cote’s black Labrador retriever, the Greenville, Maine resident believes he surely would have perished in a fast-moving fire that consumed his home early Sunday morning.Wanted_poster

“She grabbed me by the arm and woke me from a sound sleep,” Cote, 56, told the Bangor Daily News this week.

Cote said Thumper rousted him at about 3:30 a.m. and he had only seconds to hurry downstairs, grab the telephone, and dial 911 before the house was totally aflame.

On Tuesday, the State Fire Marshal’s Office concluded that the fire started when a kerosene lantern was apparently tipped over by the family cat, named Princess. The lantern, which was used as a nightlight, melted a rubber gas line to the refrigerator, fueling the quick-moving blaze.

The remote Maine home was largely solar-powered, with a propane gas refrigerator and other appliances.

Neither Cote nor his faithful Lab were burned or injured.

And fate was more than benevolent to Princess the perpetrator, as she escaped with little more than singed tail fur.