Gunnison, Colorado hunter James Perkins is still scratching his head. He can’t figure out why someone stole the entire set-up hunting camp he packed into the Uncompahgre Wilderness with the help of five horses last week.

And not only why, he wonders just how the heck they pulled it off.

(Sounds to me like we’ve got some new qualifiers for the Outdoor Newshound’s Scum-Sucking Bottom-Feeder Award.)

So far there are no leads in the disappearance of a 17-by 20-foot wall tent, outfitter’s stove, five cots, five lanterns, five sleeping bags, two folding chairs and a hatchet from a location accessible only by foot or horseback, Gunnison County Undersheriff Rick Besecker told the Grand Junction Sentinel.

Two days after packing the camp into the remote location south of Silver Jack Reservoir, Perkins returned to the spot, accompanied by his son, James, Jr. At first the younger Perkins thought his dad had mistakenly led him to the wrong location.

“He thought maybe the tent fell down but all that was left was two pieces of rope,” his mother, Mary Perkins, told the Grand Junction paper.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department can only hope someone who saw the culprits hauling out the Perkins’ camp will come forward with information.

“My question would be what would they have on hand to enable them to bring the camp back out?” Undersheriff Besecker wondered.

But Mrs. Perkins is not very optimistic the lowlifes will be apprehended or punished, at least not in this lifetime.

“We’ll probably never get it all back, but God will take care of them,” she said.