Here’s a story that seems appropriate for Halloween Eve. A Pennsylvania hunter’s fuzzy, black and white digital images captured on his trail camera last week have the Internet and other folks with more idle time than common sense buzzing with the notion that Sasquatch has taken up residency in the Allegheny National Forest.

The only more appropriate time for a story like this to make the news would be on April Fool’s Day.

We all know that new digital technology has made pre-scouting with trail cameras a viable and legitimate part of the modern hunting scene. Trailcams can also assist biologists and state game agencies with valuable data about the movements and location of specific species.

A good example is the story about the Minnesota hunter whose trailcam recorded an excellent shot of a mountain lion last month—and reported here on the Outdoor Newshound. That hunter definitely deserves credit for not only providing a great photo to science, but for doing the right thing and working with his state agency.

Which brings us to the trailcam joker in Pennsylvania, whose name I won’t even mention, as he’s already achieved far more than his 15 minutes of fame for this bogus story.

Despite the fact that experts from the Pennsylvania Game Commission have unequivocally identified the low-quality digital image as a young black bear suffering from a severe case of the mange, this yahoo went directly to the Bigfoot Research Organization, the group that pursues reports of a creature that has never been captured or legitimized through science.

Not surprisingly, the organization has said the animal in the trailcam photo is “a juvenile Sasquatch.”

Yeah, right.

If you’d like to read more on the story and see the photograph in question appearing in the Bradford Era newspaper, here’s the link. (I won’t post it because the trailcam owner has plastered his name and copyright on it.)

And beware of mangy bears while you’re trick-or-treating.