Authorities in suburban Baltimore, Md. were summoned by homeowners Bob and Judi Olwine to remove five individuals trespassing on their property and swimming in their backyard pool.

The Olwines were preparing their pool for winter and left the gate open when two deer—a buck and a doe—entered the backyard and walked down the steps into the water.


Moments later, three additional young does arrived on the scene, crawling under the fenced area and leaping in the 16 x 32-foot in-ground pool.

Things were going, uh, swimmingly, until the fivesome began trying unsuccessfully to exit the pool, nervously kicking and flailing in the water.

That’s when the Olwines called 911 for help.

In the end, it took five police officers and a Maryland Department of Natural Resources deer biologist about an hour to ensnare the deer using a pole normally used to capture stray dogs.

According to Bob Olwine, the ordeal was quite comical, as he and Baltimore County’s finest learned firsthand how whitetails can move in the water.

“They’re good swimmers all right,” he said. “We’d go to one end of the pool to try and help them out, and they’d swim to the other end!”

For the record, the police said it was the first time they’ve ever responded to a “deer in the pool” call.