Proving once again that criminals are not the sharpest tools in the shed, a burglary suspect fleeing authorities in South Florida last week attempted to avoid capture by diving into a pond posted with numerous alligator warning signs.

See ya’ later: alligator.

Police responding to a report that vehicles were being burglarized while parked at a casino located on the Miccosukee Indian Reservation captured one man, while a second suspect fled on foot and dove into a retention pond behind the facility.

Alligator warning signs were posted around the shoreline.

A television news account said authorities shouted to the suspect to get out of the pond, and they watched helplessly as he was pulled underwater by a big gator.

The body of the man was recovered on Friday. The gator—measuring 9 feet—was trapped and destroyed.

Brian Woods, professional gator trapper and owner of All American Gator in Pembroke Park, said the unnamed suspect chose the wrong pond for his attempted getaway.

“Some gators have a nasty disposition and he was a nasty gator,” Woods said.

Local news reports indicated humans fed the big gator regularly and casino employees had nicknamed it “Poncho.”

So, not only was the n’er-do-well’s judgment questionable, but evidently so was his timing—for taking a swim at feeding time.

And, in the meantime, rest assured that your parked vehicle will be safe from break-ins at Miccosukee Resort and Gaming.