What’s a sure sign the whitetail rut is in full swing in your region? How about when you see a buck trying to mount your springer spaniel?

Earlier this week, Bill Lindberg stepped into his Siren, Wisc. backyard and saw a single-antlered young buck lying on the ground and peering into the doghouse.


Approaching the deer while readying his camera phone, Lindberg was surprised to see the deer get up and walk toward him—so close that he was able to reach out and scratch the buck’s head.

The relative calm was short-lived, however.

When Lindberg’s springer spaniel came out of the doghouse, the deer suddenly turned amorous and tried to mount the unreceptive hound.

In an effort to protect his dog from the buck’s romantic intentions, Lindberg grabbed a broom and began yelling at the deer. That’s when the deer turned and became aggressive.

According to a report in the Inter-County Leader newspaper, Lindberg hollered to his wife to phone authorities as he grabbed the buck’s antler and bulldogged it—rodeo style–to the ground.

The ensuing wrestling match lasted a long five minutes before police arrived and a local game warden dispatched the rut-crazed buck.

When faced with a lovelorn buck in the future, does he think he’ll try to rub its head?

“When deer go through rut, they become like a stupid, careless animal,” Lindberg said. “This is something that will never happen to me again.”